Non-Executive Recruitment

Patient Experience Strategy

Bradford Teaching Hospitals is committed to ensuring that patients have a positive experience of the care they receive. We are dedicated to listening to all patients and service users to ensure that we provide better, safer care.

The film below highlights the importance of effective communication with patients and staff at Bradford Teaching Hospitals.

Kindness and compassion are already fundamental to the service we provide, and effective communication is one way that we can show kindness in our work. The film aims to help our staff reflect on their practice and consider where we can enhance this – often through small changes to our practice. Anyone who has been seriously ill knows that kindness and empathy make it possible to cope with difficult times, and can even help recovery.

Patients who have received treatment for cancer in our Trust and their relatives told us why experiencing good communication matters. Through focus groups they identified the following five key communication standards we will always try to uphold.

Thank you to the patients involved in the film and all those who have helped develop these standards for effective communication.